At My Outdoor Kitchens, we want you to enjoy authentic tasting stone-baked pizzas – cooked right in your own garden.

Our designer stainless steel pizza ovens combine style with a touch of Italian flair to infuse an unforgettable fresh-fired taste into your food.

Once you have decided on the style of your pizza oven, the next step would be to build a suitable base. Having additional food preparing area is ideal for creating your very own custom built base.

Built from either stone, brick or our new rustic prep table and stand complete with wine rack and traditional apple cart trays.

The Clementi Range comes with a variety of sizes available. The following measurements are of the cooking area: 60x60cm – 80x60cm and 100x80cm. All sizes cook more than one pizza at a time! The Clementi has a range of colours available as well as two stands to choose from.

The Montana Evo pizza oven is a very cracked oven that offers the serious pizza lover

the opportunity to cook two incredible pizzas in the stone oven at the same time in less than 90 seconds and is still completelyportable!

The Montana EVO has a large internal surface measuring 600mmx600mm. It weighs only 49kg , so it can be integrated or placed on a table / stand, which means it can be easily moved around your garden. It even goes into the shoe of your car.

Manufactured from high quality materials, the Montana EVO is fully insulated and has a removable door, allowing you to cook items such as meat joints, breads, etc. It also has a removable fireplace, an integrated thermometer and removable refractive bricks. The oven burns logs / ignition and reaches the best heat using dried or kiln dried wood.